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Bargain Magazine Subscriptions is a price comparison site that directs you to merchants offering the best deals on magazine subscriptions. We do not actually sell the subscriptions on our site ... we shop around so you don't have to!

This website was launched in 2001 when our founder was trying to renew a magazine subscription. He has a passion for finding great deals, and it took a lot of time to search the numerous magazine subscription sites. He also discovered that there can be significant price differences among the various websites.

We are customers ourselves, as we've placed orders through nearly every merchant listed on our site. Since launching the site, we've also served as "customer advocates" by making suggestions to merchants. For example, we've asked merchants to be more clear in describing their offers, to send less junk email, and to correct mistakes on their websites.

We are cautious about adding new merchants to our site, as we seek to promote only established merchants. You may have discovered that there are many magazine subscription sites that come-and-go. We only promote a merchant if we would be comfortable buying something from their site ourselves.

We welcome your comments about Let us know what you like and if there is anything you would like us to add to the site. We also encourage you to subscribe to our free deal alerts email newsletter so we can keep in touch with you.