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If you're already receiving a subscription and simply want to change your address, you may contact the magazine publisher directly. Look inside the first few pages of your magazine to find contact information of the publisher.

If your subscription has not yet arrived, or if you need other assistance with your magazine subscription order, contact the merchant you used to place your order. Contact information is provided below.

Keep in mind that is a price comparison service that simply points you to merchants where you can purchase magazines for the best price. That's why you need to contact the specific merchant with any questions about your order.

Magazine Merchant Customer Service Contact Information

Store Customer Service Contact Information Customer Service
Online FAQ
Contact BlueDolphin by Email Customer Service
Online FAQ
1-888-257-2530 Customer Service
List of Online Support Form Options
1-800-959-1676 Customer Service
Online Support Form
1-800-MAGAZINES (1-800-624-2946) MagMall Customer Service
Online Support and Live Chat Options
1-888-255-6247 Customer Service
1-800-586-2199 (For subscriptions fulfilled by Synapse Services)
1-800-772-8574 (For subscriptions fulfilled by Magazine Express)

If you need assistance after placing a subscription order on, please contact the appropriate subscription service provider. The provider for each magazine will be listed on the relevant order summary in Your Account.

The first issue of a weekly magazine should arrive within 4 to 6 weeks of your order. The first issue of a monthly magazine should arrive within 6 to 10 weeks. If you have not received your subscription within the expected time frame, please contact customer service. Rest assured, your subscription starts when you receive your first magazine, not when you place your order. If you subscribed for 12 issues, you will receive all 12.